Kindly notice!
Until mid-December I will only meet returning clients, and only during weekends (Saturday or Sunday).
Until then I will also be particularly lousy at answering emails, and my phone is mostly shut off.

To contact me for a date, please email me at annika.swe@gmail.com . If we agree to meet, I will give you my phone number after the initial contact over email.

I know there is a lot of text on this website, so I repeat some essential facts here:

- Read the page Practical Info for conditions about dating me.
- Read the page Dates for what my rates are.
- Read FAQ 6 for more explicit information about what I like do do sexually.
- See my verification video at http://www.annika-escort.com/video/ if you doubt whether it is me or not my pictures.

I will only answer emails that I consider as nice and sincerely intended, and that give me a feeling that I would like to meet the person writing to me.

I also expect that you have read the most relevant information about me, my rates and what I do, on my website, before you contact me.