Outcalls in Copenhagen, Malmö or Lund

(you get the best rate if you pay me in Swedish currency)

1 hour erotic intimacy
3.000 sek  – or 2.500 dkk / 330 euro / 380 usd
For all clients.

Drinks/coffee/lunch/dinner 0,5-2 hours + 1 hour erotic intimacy
4.000 sek  – or 3.300 dkk / 430 euro / 500 usd
For all clients.

1 hour erotic intimacy + 1-2 hours dinner out in a restaurant + 1 hour erotic intimacy
6.000 sek  – or 5.000 dkk / 650 euro / 760 usd
For all clients. However, this date is only offered for outcalls to hotel+restaurant, not for visits in private homes.
Currently this date is only possible during weekends.

2 hours erotic intimacy in one continuous session
7.500 sek – or 6.300 dkk / 820 euro / 950 usd
Only offered to returning clients who are sexually well-functioning.*

Coffee/lunch/dinner 1-2 hours + 2 continuous hours erotic intimacy
8.500 sek – or 7.100 dkk / 930 euro / 1.070 usd
Only offered to returning clients who are sexually well-functioning.*
Currently only possible during weekends.


No extra charges
I don’t charge anything extra for my travels out to you. Neither do I charge anything extra for domination or similar things that might be considered out of the ordinary bed room routine. (But such activities have to be agreed upon before the date.)

Forms of sex
Read FAQ 6 and onward to find out what forms of sexual activities I enjoy to engage in.

Social time
Please observe that time specified for social company over coffee/drinks/lunch/dinner means that we entertain each other dressed, outside of bed and without petting or sex. To hold each other’s hands, give normal hugs, kiss hello and goodbye, and similar contact, is however fine.

Prolonged time
For my 1-hour dates, I don’t mind if we go a 10-20 minutes overtime with talking before or after our erotic activities, and I don’t charge anything extra for that. I do however not accept to go overtime with continued sex or petting.
Time spent unpacking equipment, cleaning up, changing clothes, et ceterea, is also not counted into the time paid for.

Couples (consisting of male and female) are welcome for threesomes with me, and I apply the same rate as for singles. Read FAQ 12 to find out more about my approach to dating couples.

Only cash payments are accepted and I do not take any kind of prepayments. I prefer Swedish currency, and you get a much better rate if you yourself can withdraw or exchange your money to Swedish croner, compared to if you want to pay me in Danish or other foreign currency. If you want to check the market exchange rate, you can do so here  https://valuta.exchange/

Safe sex
I only practice safe sex with condom (also when I give oral sex) or femidom for intercourse (a female condom inserted in me, read FAQ 8 for more information).

Read FAQ 11 if you specifically want to know about what forms of domination I do.

Sexual tuition
Read FAQ 14 if you want to know about my approach with helping sexually inexperienced clients.

How to meet me
Read Practical Info for information about where, when and how you can book me.


* 2 continuous hours in one session are only offered to: Clients that can come several times and want breaks in-between the rounds.
2 continuous hours are not offered to: Clients who are disabled, or have problems to achieve erection or orgasm, or are sexually inexperienced, or don’t know how to hump or move in bed, or are into tantric chem-sex, or simply just are very “endurant” and want to have non-stop sex all through the time.
To be sure that our time in bed together turns into a nice experience for both of us, I only offer 2 continuous hours to clients I have met once already.