Welcome to my website!

I am a Swedish girl whom you can meet in Copenhagen and in the south of Sweden for sex and companionship, if you want to treat your evening with an experience out of the ordinary.

My approach to sex is relaxed and practically oriented, but I still see it as important to manage to awaken attraction and get a personal connection – because what is the point with physical sex without desire and lust on the mental sphere?

As probably can be concluded from this website, I am something of an exhibitionist, and to enter the role as a seducing and desirable escort is a kind of sexual fetish for me.
I like to take initiatives and to give pleasure; I get a turn on from seeing the yearning for me shine in the eyes of my partner.

The foremost sexual trigger for me is actually myself in the role as escort, which undeniable might sound pretty self-absorbed.
- But it is practical, since it means that it works well for me to have sex with almost anybody, provided that the person in question just have some good common sense of a nice and respectful attitude.

As the world works, there is however not that many girls like me, and I cannot date that much if I am to enjoy it and keep enjoying it over time.
Therefore it is not entirely inexpensive to meet me, and therefore you need to try to give a well-considered and serious impression when you contact me.

I think one can say that I am in a state between being a professional sexworker and a paid mistress.
If you want a more personal encounter than by buying a quick sexual service from more typical escorts, but do not want the demands of fussing and falsehood (plus insecurity of whether it will lead to sex at all) with less professional ladies – then I can be a good and safe alternative to choose.

It should however be said, that even if I am happy to be your girlfriend for the evening, it is not possible to get me as a full-time mistress.
Even if I regard my escorting as my sexuality, I do have another everyday life apart from this. Where I am an inveterate single (closest to describe as a relation phobic), with pretty nerdy interests and a great need for time on my own.
So if you are looking for a future girlfriend or a kept lady in the traditional sense, I am not the right girl for you.

This website has now been online for a while, and it can be said to have gotten pretty comprehensive I believe. I do not expect the persons I meet to read everything I have written, but as a key to the most important I can recommend that you read:

- Practical Info for conditions about dating me.
- Dates for what my rates are.
- FAQ 6 for more explicit information about what I like in bed.