Practical Information

Now the “shop is closed” and I’m no longer available for escort dates. It is unclear if I will return again in the future. But for the time being I’m keeping this website online, so it will be easy to start up again if I would feel for it. Hopefully the information here might also be useful for other escorts or inexperienced clients.

Please note that I also don’t meet regular or returning clients anymore. You have become too many for me to handle, and I cannot figure out how to choose among you. So nowadays I don’t see anyone anymore.

If I ever return it will most likely be for some weeks during July some summer. But there is also a probability that I also for the future will prioritize other hobbies more than sex and money.

Old text:

To book me
You might earliest book me 2 weeks in advance, I don’t accept bookings with longer pre-notice than that. I also don’t do bookings the same day you make first contact. I want at least one day of notice to make sure that you are not acting out of impulse, but are mentally stable and have thought it all through.

Outcall in Lund, Malmö and rest of Scania
I prefer to meet by outcall in Lund or Malmö, in a hotel where you stay or in your home. (Read FAQ 5 about how to meet discretely in a hotel.)
Other cities in Skåne also work fine, but you have to live close to buss stops or train stations with close connections to Lund, and you have to live in a populated area. I don’t accept to be driven in car anywhere by new clients, and I don’t do home visits if you live in a very small village or on the countryside.

Dates in Copenhagen
I’m happy to date in Copenhagen, where it is completely legal to hire me. But I will demand extra payment in advance for the cost of my train tickets and the time spent traveling back and forth over the bridge.
I will also not take payment in Danish croner anymore. You have to pay me in Swedish currency instead, due to it being very complicated to exchange cash nowadays.

Travels to Stockholm, Gothenburg, or other larger Swedish city/town
For extra payment made in advance, I am willing to travel to other cities in Sweden.
I like to travel by train, since I get good work focus on my writing projects on train rides. But I don’t like traveling longer distances by bus. I also want to be able to travel back the same day.
You have to live in a city environment close to public transfer with frequent departures and lots of neighbors. I don’t feel safe out in the countryside or in small villages with spare traffic connections. I don’t let new/unknown clients drive me anywhere by car. It also does not feel safe to rely on having to pre-order taxi. I want to be able to get back and forth to you by public transportation or by walking.
If we meet in a hotel you have booked and stay at, you are welcome to remain anonymous to me. If I visit your home or if I am to arrange incall, I want to know your identity.

It is more risky than ever to have incall in Sweden. The police has increased their razzias, and the situation with corona means that neighbours work at home, meaning they hear and see a lot more.
I have figured the best solution is to rent various places for single nights, and only meet one client per place. In this way it will be impossible for the police to establish a stake-out on me.
This will of course mean that incall will cost extra, and I want to receive a prepayment so I don’t loose money for renting a place to meet in case the client never shows up. (See FAQ 4 for my payment solution.)
I will stay and sleep over at the apartment, and make sure to check in and out on regular times, so everything looks normal to the landlord. I will happily meet in other cities than Lund or Malmö for this arrangement. From a point of discretion it is better the more different cities I change between.
You are welcome to choose what city you want to meet in and give me suggestions of a place you want me to rent for us (for example on AirBnb or expedia.se). But the place I am to rent has to be centrally located in a city area. I don’t feel safe with remotely located vacation cottages.
Its also fine if you want me to rent a hotel room for us instead of an apartment. For my safety I demand to know your identity if I am to arrange an incall, regardless if I rent an apartment or a hotel room for us. (But if you yourself rent a hotel room you are welcome to remain anonymous to me.)
I will prioritize clients requesting incall last (after regular outcalls and after travels to other cities) since I don’t like having to sleep away from my home. Also, please observe that I’m only willing to arrange incall until Autust 6th.

I prefer cash payment. For advance payment for travels or incall I do however accept the gift card Paygoo Gift, that can be pre-charged with money. (Read FAQ 4 for more information.) The amount of money that can me transferred by Paygoo Gift cards is however pretty limited, so you cannot pay my full rates in this manner.

Service and safe sex
Read the menu Dates to see my rates, and FAQ 6 to see what kind of sex I like to engage in. I only practice safe sex with condom (or femidom for intercourse (see FAQ 8 about femidoms). Also for oralsex I use condoms.

Verification of me
I have come to understand that many clients worry about escorts that use outdated, fake or stolen pictures, so I have made a short video to verify my authenticity.
You can see me pose nude on motion picture and hold up a Swedish newspaper dated Sunday 20th June 2021, with my name written above the date on the newspaper, if you click here: http://www.annika-escort.com/video/

You are welcome to remain anonymous to me if I am to visit you in a hotel room you have booked. You can choose if you only want to email with me, or if you also want a phone contact.
For dates in your home, or if I am to arrange incall for us, I demand to know your identity and to be able to verify it. Either through a phone number registered on you or by a picture of your ID.

Demands on you
I want you to treat me with tenderness and respect, and regard me as a person equal to you. You have to agree upon my demands for safe sex, respect my rates, and otherwise be nice, polite, clean and well mannered.
You also have to be able to write and speak fluently in one of the languages I master (Swedish, English or Danish).

I know that dating a girl like me can be a complicated arrangement of secrecy, and I don’t get angry or upset if you need to cancel our date, nor do I demand any kind of cancellation fee. If I have used advance payment to buy travel tickets or pay for a place to meet in, I can however not refund that money to you.

In case I for one or another reason wouldn’t feel comfortable with you, I reserve the right to anytime during the date terminate it, and I will in such case give back the money for the remaining time to you.
This apply if you meet up very drunk or intoxicated, if you behave verbally offensive to me, if you during the act starts to question my rules about condom use, or if our interaction just don’t work out and you are not open to follow my directives and suggestions.