Practical Information

Dates during these times with the Corona virus:

I am still going home to my clients in Sweden for dates.
But I want you to be below the age of 70 years and otherwise healthy (also not smoker, severely obese, physically disabled, diabetic, or similar). This is because I don’t want to risk spreading the virus to anyone vulnerable, in case I would get infected but not notice symptoms.

Dates in Copenhagen are currently not available.
But when Denmark opens its borders again, I will yet again be able to meet in Copenhagen.

Dates in Swedish hotels are currently also not possible.
This is due to that the hotels have so few other visitors, so it becomes hard to be discreet. It is too great a risk that the hotel personnel might notice the “nature” of an escort meeting when there no longer are plenty of regular hotel guests to blend in with.

I also open up for traveling to other cities than Lund/Malmö in Sweden.
But on condition that you can meet during a weekend (Saturday or Sunday). That you live in a closely populated area with nearby access to public transfer. Plus that the travel distance does not exceed 2,5 hours from Lund in one-way direction, and that the trains or busses departs at least every second hour.
I will also add on the expense for the travel (the price of the tickets) on top of my regular rate.
Please observe that for a home visit you must be registered on the address I am to visit, and have a registered phone number I can check up on hitta.se or Eniro. I also don’t do home visits if you are below the age of 25 or immigrant from a non-western nation.


Availability (during normal times)
You can meet normally me for outcall escort dates in Copenhagen in Denmark, or in Malmö or Lund in Sweden. (Due to the corona restrictions I can no longer travel into Denmark.)
During weekdays I can only meet in the evening time (typically from 7 pm and onwards), and I need to be able to return home no later than 10 pm. During weekends I can be more flexible about when to meet.

I want bookings to be made 2-3 days up to 2 weeks in advance. I don’t accept same-day bookings. I want the first contact to be made over email. Please give me suggestions about place and time you would like to meet, and what you would like us to do during our time together.

Service and safe sex
Read the menu Dates to see my rates, and FAQ 6 to see what kind of sex I like to engage in.
I only practice safe sex with condom (also for giving oralsex) or femidom for intercourse (see FAQ 8 about femidoms).

In Denmark it is fully legal both to provide and hire the escort services I offer. In Sweden it is not legal to hire my escort services.

Verification of me
I have come to understand that many clients worry about escorts that use outdated, fake or stolen pictures, so I have made a short video to verify my authenticity.
You can see me pose nude on motion picture and hold up a Swedish newspaper dated Tuesday July 2nd 2019, with my name written above the date on the newspaper, if you click here: http://www.annika-escort.com/video/

Escort to your hotel (only applicable when the time with corona is over)
If I shall visit you in your hotel room it is fine if you keep your identity anonymous, and you can be of any nationality and any age +18.
I will not endager your discretion by calling you through the hotel, and we can stick to just emailing in case you don’t want to give out a phone number.
Read FAQ 5 for methods about how to meet discretely in a hotel with elevators demanding card activation.

Escort to your home
If I shall visit you in your home, and it is the first time we meet, I need to know your identity and be able to verify it via a phone number registered in an Danish or Swedish national phone registry. For visits to your home, I also want you to be over 30 years old and non-immigrant (being an expat from a Western nation is however fine). Read FAQ 4 for a more extensive explanation.
You also have to live in a central city area with close connections to public transportation, and you must be registered on the address I am to visit.

AirBnb and vacation/company apartments
I don’t visit clients in AirBnb apartments or similar kinds of vacation/company apartments. Since I work on my own, and don’t have any driver or other kind of security back-up, these kind of places are too dangerous for me.
(Exceptions can be made if we previously have had a date in a normal hotel, and I get to know and are able to verify your identity.)

Incalls in Malmö during summertime
During the summer months (June to August) I usually rent a vacation apartment to receive incalls in. But due to security reasons I only accept Swedes whose identity I can verify in the national phone registries. If you are a visiting foreigner, you cannot see me for incalls. But if you are a resident expat originating from a Western nation I might accept you, if you are in the national phone registry.

I only take cash payments, and I prefer if you can pay me in Swedish croner.
I do accept payment in Danish croner, Euro and USD, but at a higher exchange rate than offered at normal exchange officies, because it has become increasingly difficult for me to manage such transactions.
You will get better foreign rates than the ones written on my website or in my adds, if you yourself can withdraw Swedish croner at your bank to pay me with.

Demands on you
I want you to treat me with tenderness and respect, and regard me as a person equal to you. You have to agree upon my demands for safe sex, respect my rates, and otherwise be nice, polite, clean and well mannered.
You also have to be able to write and speak fluently in one of the languages I master (Swedish, English or Danish).

I know that dating a girl like me can be a complicated arrangement of secrecy, and I don’t get angry or upset if you need to cancel our date, nor do I demand any kind of cancellation fee.

In case I for one or another reason wouldn’t feel comfortable with you, I reserve the right to anytime during the date terminate it, and I will in such case give back all the money to you.